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Cable Rebuilding/Repair

Severly-damaged cable can be returned to productive use at a minimum cost through the expert reconditioning and repair techniques of Special Mine Services. All reconditioned cables are subject to rigid testing procedures to insure like-new performance. Special Mine Services uses the highest quality materials in its reconditioning and repair service.

Cable Splicing

Special Mine Services' splicing facilities provide the mining industry and major manufacturers an important factory splicing service for all types, sizes and voltage of power cables.

Special Mine Services offers two distinct types of splicing:

  • Flexo-braided Splice - originated by Special Mine Services. In this unique splice, conductors are braided together to maintain the full flexibility of the cable.
  • Welded Splice - Individual groups of strands are welded together to maintain the flexibility and strength of the cable.

Cable Couplers

Special Mine Services installs PLM, TJB, Ensign, G.E., and Line Power high voltage cable couplers to provide a safe, convenient means for connecting portable cable rated 25KV and less to mining equipment, electric shovels, portable sub-stations, portable junction boxes and similar applications. These couplers are installed in our plants by expert and trained personnel under a strict quality assurance and control system.

Pothead Terminations

Special Mine Services offers complete molded neoprene pothead terminations on high voltage SHD-GC and MPF-GC cables. Stress cones are installed in the potheads of shielded cables, unless specified to be installed in the leads. Special Mine Services' quality assurance and control guarantees a superior product. Our experienced and trained personnel have been serving the mining industry since 1958.

Pick-Up and Delivery

Special Mine Services provides pickup and delivery of cables at a reasonable cost. While your cables are in transit or in our plant, they are insured against loss by fire or theft. Special Mine Services also offers a customer service of transporting your cables from one location or job site to another for a set fee. Complete prices for all of our services are available on request.

Special Mine Services inventories a large quantity of mining cable for immediate delivery from all three of our locations.

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